An Exploration of “Re: Stacks”- Bon Iver

This is a super cool video I just stumbled upon that explores the songwriting techniques used by Justin Veron on his Bon Iver song “Re: Stacks.” It goes into detail about this song in particular, but also touches on some of his overall strategies on the rest of¬†For Emma, Forever Ago. Vernon’s music is unique, and it is neat to take a closer look into some aspects of Bon Iver that are not straightforward when simply listening to the song. If for some reason you have not had the pleasure of listening to Bon Iver before, you really must start, as it is some of the most beautiful music ever written. Furthermore, if you are a Bon Iver fan, but haven’t listened to any of Vernon’s other projects, I recommend immediately listening to “Bones” by DeYarmond Edison, the band Vernon cut ties with before writing¬†the first Bon Iver record.