Audiotree Live x Shakey Graves

Audiotree TV is another organization that puts out stellar videos of artists performing intimate sets. The location of these sessions aren’t generally as interesting as the videos from La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows or NPR’s Tiny Desk Concertsbut the music is always great. Furthermore, the Audiotree Live Sessions also double as small interviews, as the hosts always initiate small discussions with the artists in between their songs. These conversations are sometimes about mundane topics, but occasionally there are unique tidbits revealed about the artists that would never come up in any other setting.

This particular session is a performance by the immensely talented one-man-band known as Shakey Graves. The whole performance is entertaining, but the opening song, “Roll The Bones,” is particularly groovy and energetic. Watching him finger pick intricate riffs on the guitar, lay down a rhythmic drum beat with both his feet, and belt out raspy vocals all at the same time is super impressive. It looks like he is getting quite a workout on stage, as he is practically dancing trying to play the drums, but seems to be having a great time doing it. The conversation in this video is also interesting, revealing that Shakey Graves was once an actor with a recurring role on the hit show Friday Night Lights before pursuing a career in music.