New Guitar (Epiphone Casino)

I have been listening to a lot of Beatles music lately, as well as some blues rock stuff like Mt. Joy, and have been lusting after a semi-hollow guitar to get the sounds that I just couldn’t with my Telecaster. So, in an impulsive move, I posted my guitar on an instrument selling/trading page on Facebook to see if anyone had what I was looking for, and I struck gold. I got a couple different offers, but tried out this 90s Korean Epiphone Casino made in the Peerless factory (renowned for its build quality), and fell in love with the sound, not to mention the gorgeous Lennon style natural wood finish. I have only had this guitar for a week, so I have yet to fully explore all that it offers, but I am been super happy with it thus far. It has a deep, warm tone that is far different from the twangyness of my old Tele. I am not a very knowledgeable or skilled guitar play, and cannot accurately describe the sound fully, but the tone is definitely what I have been looking for in an electric guitar.


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