Jam In The Van x Rayland Baxter

As soon as I published the blog “Two YouTube Series’ Worth Watching,” I realized that I had made a big mistake. While these two series’ are some of the best on YouTube, I realized that there were many others that I also enjoyed equally as much. I will eventually make a top ten list of my favorites, but for now I wanted to share a specific video from another one of my favorite channels, Jam In the Van. Jam In The Van is what I imagine as my dream job. These guys travel around the country in an RV turned recording studio and have bands, both big and small, play and record songs inside their converted sonic escape mobile. How cool is that!? Their videos first crossed my radar a couple years back when I was preparing to attend my first Bonnaroo music festival (something I certainly plan on writing about in the upcoming months) by looking up videos of the festival on YouTube. I was instantly hooked and have been watching their videos ever since. I highly suggest watching not only this video, but also many more from the Jam In The Van catalog.

Although they have had many amazing performances by some top tier artists, my personal favorite is a session Rayland Baxter did earlier this year, in which he performed the song “Mr. Rodriguez.” Baxter gives of a sort of hippie/woodsman/vagabond vibe, which is amplified even further by this particular setting. His performance fits the bill, as he eloquently weaves together rich descriptions to form characters and tell a story that is vague enough for listener interpretation, while still being intriguing enough to follow along. Story telling like this is characteristic of Baxter’s music and can be seen throughout his most recent release, Imaginary Man. This particular performance sees Baxter and his band adding an extra dose of psychedelic jam rock that is not as prevalent in the original recording, which I think makes for an extra special rendition.



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