Two YouTube Series’ Worth Watching

NPR’s Tiny Desk ConcertsThe Tiny Desk series is the brainchild of Bob Boilen, the host of NPR’s All Songs Considered. The idea of the shows is simple: artists perform a stripped down, often acoustic, three song set…at Boilen’s own desk at NPR! This unique setting in a small, out of the ordinary location makes for some truly special performances. The series hosts artists varying immensely in both style and popularity, making the videos a great way to see one of a kind performances from some of your favorite artists or discover new music from up and comers.

La Blogotéque’s Take Away Shows: Much like the Tiny Desk Concert series, La Blogotéque’s Take Away Shows focus on intimate performances by a wide array of artists. However, what set’s the Take Away Shows apart is their always changing and often public locations. The Take Away Shows feature artists in old buildings and streets budding with people. The fact that there are random people in the videos is extremely interesting because they often depict how entranced these citizens become in the music, which shows the power that music can have.


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