“Redbone”- Childish Gambino

The multi-talented actor turned musician, Donald Glover, is at it again with a new album out under his pseudonym, Childish Gambino. Glover is hot off of the release of his highly acclaimed television series Atlanta, which he both created and stars in. Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” is the follow up to 2014’s Kauai, but it is far different in almost every aspect. While his previous work was confined to the rap genre, Gambino explores new sonic territory on his latest album, which situates itself primarily in the realm of funk. Because it strays so far from his previous work, it took some time for the album to grow on me. But after a couple listens, I began to warm up to the groovy bass lines and emphasized percussion. I have become particularly fond of “Redbone,” which is arguably the catchiest song on the album due to its beefed up bass, synthy guitar, and vocals that sounds like they could have come straight from a Cherub song. The whole album is worth a listen, but if any song is going to turn you onto Gambino’s new style, it is without a doubt “Redbone.”

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