Tasmania: The Edge of Nowhere

Traveling is an amazing thing. Whether its a short road trip or adventure to another continent, traveling never ceases to exhilarate my soul. This short video encapsulates that feeling incredibly well. It was put together by a friend of mine, Alec Walsh, upon his return to the United States. Alec spent this past semester studying abroad in Australia and this video is a look back some of the footage he took and memories he made. The videography is stunning and makes you want to get out and explore. The artistry present in the shots adds even more to the aura adventure. On top of that, the video is set to “On Your Way” by Alabama Shakes, which builds excitement and energy as the film progresses. The short video is highly reminiscent of the amazing documentary, 180 South. If you havent seen it yet, it is definitely worth a watch. I also highly recommend checking out out more of Alec’s impressive work here.


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