Concert Review: STRFKR

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of seeing STRFKR at the Gothic Theatre here in Denver, CO. I went into the show without having listened to much of their music and so I did not have extremely high expectations. However, my expectations were far exceeded as soon as my friends and I walked into the venue. We entered as the first opener, Psychic Twin, was mid-set and their music definitely set the mood for the rest of the night. Their Stranger Things-esque arpeggios and illuminated wire dresses quickly had us in an 80s trance. The second opening act, Gigamesh, continued the hypnotic spell, adding a more upbeat, dance friendly element. STRFKR expanded upon both previous acts, combining high energy and a syn-driven sound to create night filled with dancing and confetti. To top off their set of fun-filled music, their performance featured a crew of backup dancersdressed as spacemen! Check out this short video recap of the show and be sure to catch these guys in person if they come to your city.

Recommended songs from the artists mentioned:

“Strangers”– Psychic Twin

“The Music”– Gigamesh

“Rawnald Gregory Erikson the Second”– STRFKR


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